Keeping your builds green using Docker

With the number of technologies, lanaguages and platforms that is part of most projects today just keeps on increasing, beginning work on a new project can be daunting. We often end up spending a lot of time installing the correct version of SDK's and build tools until we can make the project build and run. And then we have the same requirements for our build environment, and too often we find that build failures are due to differences between the local development machines and the build server environment,

In this session you will learn how to use Docker to define and run your builds both locally and on the build server. By describing your builds in Dockerfile we can make sure that it will build anywhere, without any other dependencies than Docker.
We will also look at how we can run build agents inside a Docker container to make sure that our build infrastructure is immutable and reliable.

Jakob Ehn

Azure MVP - Doing cloudy DevOps things at Active Solution

Stockholm, Sweden


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