Jan de Vries

Information & Communications Technology

Cloud Microsoft Azure Serverless event-driven architecture Cloud Architecture

Lemmer, Friesland, Netherlands

What's Dapr and how will you be using it for your future projects?

There's a new runtime on the block for creating modern, event-driven, distributed microservices solutions in the Cloud and Edge. It's called Dapr.

So what does this new runtime give to us .NET developers who are already familiar with using multiple services in Azure to get a similar kind of solution? Also, how will you start and should you start using it already?

Important questions that I'll gladly answer in this session.
I'll tell you all about what Dapr is doing, where it fits in the current ecosystem and how to start developing your software solutions with it. At the end of this session, you'll know exactly what this new runtime does and if you should use it in your current or next project.

Jan de Vries

Cloud Solution Architect at 4Dotnet

Jan has been developing software for well over 15 years.
Currently, he is working at 4Dotnet as a Cloud Solution Architect and is awarded by Microsoft with the Microsoft MVP award.
His main focus is on developing highly performant and scalable solutions using the awesome services provided by the Microsoft Azure platform. Because of his expertise, he has been able to help out multiple customers to bring their on-premises solution to the cloud and guide them towards a better software development ecosystem.

Whenever Jan finds something interesting to write about, he shares his findings on his blog (https://jan-v.nl).

  jan-v.nl (blog)
  4dotnet.nl (company)
  github.com/jandev (GitHub)

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