Knee-Deep Dive into Identity Governance and Lifecycle Workflows with Microsoft Entra Azure AD

It all begins and ends with an Identity! Before the users and their devices can be managed, they need to be onboarded with their user account. This is where Microsoft Entra and Lifecycle Workflows in Azure AD enters the scene. By automating scenarios for Joiner, Mover and Leaver we can set up templates and tasks that for example automatically sends out a Temporary Access Pass for new hires which they can use for first time setting up their account and device to be managed! We can even implement custom tasks and extensions via Azure Logic Apps, that can trigger other APIs or even something you've built in Azure Functions! Learn how to use these lifecycle templates and customize tasks with serverless solutions in this awesome deep dive where automation black belt Jan Vidar will share his best tips and tricks for implementing a successful Identity Governance that supports a seamless and automated user on- and offboarding!

Take aways:
Usage scenarios for Azure AD lifecycle workflows and why it is useful as part of a successful identity and device onboarding, as well as off-boarding.
How you can build Logic Apps for Custom Tasks to support your own Organizations needs for customized automation.
Why doing Identity Governance and Lifecycle Workflows will increase your Security Posture!

Jan Vidar Elven

Senior Cloud Platform & Security Architect, Security MVP

Sarpsborg, Norway


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