Design for Non-Designers from a Non-Designer

Elegant design requires talent, but talent is not a prerequisite for avoiding bad design. If you lack artistic touch and prefer rules and logic over the ethereal art form, the fundamental tenets of composition can enable you to apply Design as a programming paradigm. Spend an hour with a coder learning the logic of design—hacking pixels instead of bits—and free yourself of your excuse for horrible designs.

Previous Feedback:

“Best talk of the @codecampnyc day...fantastic stuff!”
 ~Barry May (

“@jayharris just gave the best presentation I attended all day. Not to disparage any of the others. He just crushed it. #codecampnyc”
 ~Andrew J. Dittman (

“Energy filled talk about design for #NonDesigners w/ @jayharris was excellent! Need to go make a few changes to my website.”
 ~Kandace Gordon (

Learning Objectives:

• An understanding of the fundamentals of design.
• An introduction to implementing type and color.
• An introduction to designing for accessibility.


• Fundamentals of composition and design
• Examples of implementing fundamentals
• Fundamentals for implementing type.
• Fundamentals for choosing and implementing color palettes.
• Fundamentals for designing for accessibility and color blindness.

Jay Harris

Problem Solver at Arana Software

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

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