Jeff Kelley

Dates and Time By Example

Have you ever had a bug that dealt with dates and times? Dealing with time zones, Daylight Saving Time, and the like can make the hair on the back of even the most experienced developer's neck stand up. We all know how to tell time and how calendars work, and yet these bugs are terrifying. Why? Using Swift as a lens to walk through common problems, we’ll explore writing date and time code that’s correct and easy to understand. You’ll leave with an approach to solving calendrical calculations without fear, new tools for handling these problems in your code, and a huge appreciation for the people behind the libraries that make this possible.

Jeff Kelley

iOS Developer at Detroit Labs

Jeff Kelley is a developer at Detroit Labs, where he builds apps in Swift but still has a soft spot for Objective-C. Author of Developing Apps for Apple Watch and Learn Cocoa Touch for iOS, he’s been working with iOS since its infancy in 2008. Jeff is passionate about building usable apps, the open-source community around Apple platforms, and will talk your ear off about electric cars and clean energy. Jeff loves raising his two kids and two dogs, Detroit, and founded the Motor City CocoaHeads group.

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