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Blazor Architecture Patterns

Learn proven architecture patterns and how to applying them to Blazor applications! Blazor is an enabling new programming model for applications with C# and .NET. This new framework brings stateful application models to the web and to web-delivered scenarios. Through some intense Blazor projects, some architecture patterns have emerged, and this sessions aims to share them. Attendees will see these proven patterns for designing, developing, and operating their Blazor applications. The session assumes basic knowledge of Blazor and goes beyond available online quickstarts.

Jeffrey Palermo

Chief Architect, Clear Measure, Inc. Microsoft MVP

Jeffrey Palermo is a Chief Architect at Clear Measure, a software architecture company. He has been recognized as a Microsoft MVP each year since 2006 and has spoken at national conferences such as Microsoft Ignite, TechEd, MVP Summit, VS Live, and DevTeach. He has founded and run several software user groups over the years and is the author of several print books (last is ".NET DevOps for Azure"), video books, and many articles. A Christian, graduate of Texas A&M University (BA), and the Jack Welch Management Institute (MBA), an Eagle Scout, and an Iraq war veteran, Jeffrey likes to spend time with his family of five camping and riding dirt bikes.

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