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The Hague, South Holland, Netherlands

Your own (advanced) PowerShell function template in 45 minutes

Over the years I've provided many PowerShell trainings and helped Ops people to become (better) scripters. When it comes to writing PowerShell functions, there is an easy way of writing a generic function template which I'll show you. During this, I'll also show you what 'wrong' output you get when you forget something, so by recognizing the symptom (wrong output) you can recognize what you forgot.

Jeff Wouters

MVP CDM | MCT | CTO @ Methos | JeffOps

Jeff Wouters, MVP Cloud & Datacenter Management, PowerShellian, blogger, speaker and Dutchie. He is a frequent speaker at (inter)national events with a focus on Automation, Cloud and DevOps and is the co-founder of the Dutch PowerShell User Group. Jeff holds the role of CTO at Methos, where he guides customers to a infrastructure-as-code and DevOps way of infrastructure management.

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