You're the Real Deal: How to Combat Imposter Syndrome

This workshop focuses identifying Imposter Syndrome and becoming comfortable at the intersection of bragging, owning skills & achievements, and self-awareness. Using actionable steps to remove the mystique around this debilitating concept, women move beyond feelings of Imposter Syndrome . to internalize self worth and rise as leaders. Utilizing learning strategies including written exercises, conversation, role play, and group practice, the group will develop new skills and techniques to combat Imposter Syndrome.

- Take actionable steps using a framework to minimize the effects and work through Imposter Syndrome
- Analyze wins to boost self- awareness; support & stimulate change in female communities
- Identify steps & elements of accomplishments; create a level playing field, an equalizer
- Remove mystique & fear of exposure; break down barriers that prevent support from others

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Jes Osrow

Head of Learning and Organization Development at Quartet Health; DEI Specialist at The Rise Journey


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