Leveraging Team Topologies and Domain-Driven Design to increase reliability

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) has become mainstream. From Google practices, we can see adoption in the IT industry. Organisations tend to procure and deploy technical solutions that can be leveraged to increase reliability. However, most of the times, it creates accidental complexity in the organisation landscape, increasing the burden on teams to use and maintain the solutions.

If we take a sociotechnical perspective, organisations are the product of people and technology. Instead of trying to use technical solutions, we can invest on the social side and create more straightforward solutions, yet reliable. Reducing complexity can lead to an increase in reliability.

Join João in this talk, where we will demonstrate how to combine Team Topologies and Domain-Driven Design to increase the reliability of services. Taking a sociotechnical approach, we can fight complexity, creating a safe and stable environment, leading to an increase in the reliability of products and services.

João Rosa

Independent Consultant

Zeewolde, The Netherlands


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