Leveraging Team Topologies for software evolution

Have you ever faced roadblocks in software development stemming from disjointed team structures or interactions? You’re not alone. Misalignments between software and the domain, siloed teams focusing on discrete tasks, or processes dictating software architecture often culminate in rigid software, not resonating with evolving requirements.

Enter Team Topologies, a pattern language, and a set of principles and practices to ensure a swift flow of changes while honoring human-centric aspects like trust boundaries and cognitive load. This perspective prompts a riveting question: What if we modify how teams interact with each other and leverage these interactions to evolve our software? What would such a world look like?

Through real-world use cases, we’ll dissect, discuss, and understand the implications of applying Team Topologies and fast-flow principles. This workshop is not just theory; it’s about practical engagement, discussion, and learning by doing.

At the culmination of this workshop, you’ll be empowered to:
- Engage in insightful discussions with your team on the core concepts of Team Topologies.
- Employ learned techniques to explore how your software can evolve and what the implications are.

João Rosa

Independent Consultant

Zeewolde, The Netherlands


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