Creating Continual Learning Organizations - Your Dojo

In the DevOps Handbook, Gene Kim introduces the Third Way - The Technical Practices of Continual Learning. Enter the DevOps Dojo - an immersive environment where whole teams come together to learn and practice their skills while solving real business problems.

Joel Tosi and Dion Stewart say teams learn better in the immersive eco-system of Dojos than they do using traditional forms of training. They explain why and how Dojos help teams bond around product, foster rapid experimentation, and reframe small failures as learning.

In this session, we will frame the need for dojos, tieing into Demings 14 points. From there we will walk attendees through the dojo format and how it addresses the whole value stream, not just tech practices. We will address items people need to think about when creating their own dojo. We wrap up with simple calls to actions for people to take to bring learning forward.

Come to this session not only to learn about what works in creating a Dojo but also how Dojos help upskill your teams and support the cultural DevOps change.

Joel Tosi

Just a dude trying to help out

Chicago, Illinois, United States

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