Reflecting on XP-What is working; what has changed; what did we forget?

When many people think of extreme programming (XP), pair programming and TDD come to mind. For a few others, perhaps minimal documentation or even the foundation of user stories.

Let's go beyond that. To do so, let's discuss the basic tenants of XP along with context of the time. What has stood up well? Things like small releases are finally gaining traction. What about the engineering practices? Have we embraced continuous integration and refactoring as the right way of doing things or is there something better? What have we forgotten about (system metaphor)? What are we still struggling with? Ultimately - are we building better products?

We will share stories and experiences throughout the session. My goal for our time together is we leave with a better appreciation of XP and go back to work interested in looking at problems in a new way.

Joel Tosi

Co-author of 'Coaching for Learning' and 'Creating your Dojo' - helping teams learn to learn, make work easier, and deliver better products.

Chicago, Illinois, United States

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