Kubernetes isn’t the answer, but what was the question again?

What if I told you that you're making technology choices the wrong way? Instead of looking at the potential of a technology, we need to look at its potential friction, and take a step back to wonder what the question was, again.

The right choice is almost always the technology that is the simplest and the easiest to implement. Rarely do teams need all the new technological innovations at once; instead they just want their biggest bottlenecks solved with the least amount of change. And you guessed it: those bottlenecks are often organizational in nature, not technological.

Join me on the journey, using Kubernetes as an example, to discover how to ask the right questions, and how to find the right answers. You'll learn how technology impacts how people and organizations work, using metrics like cycle and takt time, one-piece flow, context switching, and adoption rate. We'll look at why simple and easy trump technological capabilities, and why avoiding complexity and organizational friction are key.

Joep Piscaer

Empathetic ex-CTO who understands that tech is but a small part of successful teams

Oirschot, The Netherlands


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