Make it real

If you’re looking for a place you can paint, saw, weld, create, build, and make some noise and dust, this is the coworking space for you. Collaborating on ideas, lending a helping hand, and having plain old fun are benefits that you’ll discover because the people in our community are friendly, capable, and generally awesome.

We’ve been serving the Greenville community since 2016 by providing access to friendly and helpful mentors and workshop tools in an open, inclusive, and permissive environment.

SynergyMill’s mission is to serve the local community with a tool workshop and entrepreneurship programs by providing and maintaining a creative and collaborative environment for experimentation and development in skill building, making, technology, and art.

The vision of SynergyMill is to be a resource to the Greenville community to improve quality of life, promote the enjoyment of creative arts, and grow economic opportunity.

Joey Loman



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