Split my monolith!

You believe that uncoupled software is that way to go? You think that that big monolith should get smaller. Perhaps even cut into independent services? Except that ... these services don't seem so independent after all :( Maybe they'll talk synchronously, so when one is down, the others are unable to respond. Maybe the only apparent possibility is tiny services, all calling one central backend, with a huge database :S Maybe all services would share the same database (help!!) If you ask yourself how your monolith could sensibly be cut into pieces, then this workshop might provide you with some tools and inspiration.

Your mission during this workshop is to cut a piece of an existing monolith, including its database. Come along on an architectural journey to synchronizing services and a world of possibilities will open. You'll become familiar with a few tools to separate what seems unseparable. You'll identify Bounded Contexts using tools like time-lime, user actions, data clumps and command and query separation. From that you'll model a Bubble Context using, Anti-Corruption Layers, Open Host Service and Domain Events ...

Johan Martinsson

Passionate about code design

Grenoble, France

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