Greek Philosophy for Modern Software Development

Hardly a year goes by without a new disruptive technology appearing. While it used to be possible to keep up to date with moderate effort, it has now become practically impossible. In addition, agile methods are used for development and, especially in the corporate environment, existing interpersonal and political tensions often spill over to the individual employee.

I also found myself in this situation and was looking for a sensible way to deal with it.
In the process, I came across the Greek philosophy called Stoicism. It is practiced by many people who find themselves in challenging life circumstances. As a holistic practice-focused philosophy, Stoicism is primarily aimed at individuals and helps them strive for the highest goal of happy existence (eudaimonía).

In this lecture, the main features of Stoicism will be presented. Then we will deal with the most important qualities of a practicing Stoic. Among them is emotional self-control. These can be specifically trained through suitable exercises in order to gain more composure in everyday life and become more resilient. In everyday life, stress can be avoided and the focus can be directed towards possible solutions instead of entering into unprofitable conflicts.

Johannes Dienst

Developer Advocate

Würzburg, Germany

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