Useful and Beautiful Developer Docs and How to Create Them

Inadequate developer documentation can be detrimental to your product's success. Developers seek efficient problem-solving, and if your product fails to provide that, they will quickly move on.

Join me as I share my experience of revamping developer documentation at my current company. Initially, the documentation was subpar and barely functional for many developers. Onboarding was challenging, and existing users struggled to accomplish their tasks effectively.

In this talk, we will delve into the stages of enhancing documentation quality, complete with real-world examples of our journey. Gain insights into structuring your documentation to meet your audience's specific needs through segmentation. Discover the power of crafting learning objectives to streamline content focus. Additionally, I will demonstrate how adopting the Docs-As-Code approach can automatically ensure inclusive language, spelling accuracy, and stylistic consistency, resulting in an enjoyable reading experience.

Johannes Dienst

Developer Advocate

Würzburg, Germany


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