There's No Time Like the Present - real time and low latency data in Power BI

Power BI has many options for keeping your data up to date, but what happens when scheduled refreshes simply aren't enough? What do you do when real time or near real time reporting on your data is necessary? Fortunately, Power BI has you covered here as well. From real-time datasets, to Direct Query and the Aggregations feature, there are more than a few options for accomplishing this goal, but they all do come with a few tradeoffs.

This demonstration laden session will examine all of the techniques available to Power BI for reporting on your data in real time, highlight some of the things to watch out for, and how to design for them. If you need your data more up to date than what refresh schedules can provide, then this session is for you.

John White

CTO of tyGraph and Evangelist with AvePoint.

Guelph, Canada


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