Developer Handcuffs: When Technical Problems Become People Problems

Developer handcuffs are policies, norms, or practices that restrict developers from delivering value at their personal optimal speed. Handcuffs have an adverse effect on employee engagement, and they are a primary reason that great developers leave companies.

Many companies have a tough time grasping esoteric concepts like autonomy and self-organization, let alone understand how to reimagine the culture to make room for Agile and DevOps. Developer handcuffs, however, is a tangible concept that allows managers and leaders to visualize a cost/benefit analysis, and take action. The end result is an implementation of DevOps that comes with executive buy-in.

We're going to cover the types of handcuffs commonly found in a large company, walk through a few examples, and outline strategies for unshackling software delivery.

John Krewson

Sketch Development

St. Louis, Missouri, United States

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