John Martin

Information & Communications Technology

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Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

Analysing structured and semi-structured data with Amazon Redshift

Modern data architectures contain many silo's of data which need to be brought together to allow for effective analysis. Amazon Redshift has the ability to access structured data stores in PostgreSQL or MySQL and semi-structured sources including Parquet, ORC, or AVRO in Amazon S3.

This session will provide you with the ability to break down data silos and build a unified view of business data to provide a unified view to analyse all your data across operational databases, data lakes, data warehouses, and third-party data sets.

John Martin

Data Platform and Cloud specialist, Chartered IT Professional.

John is an experienced data platform professional having spent over a decade working with Several data and cloud platform technologies.

Currently specialising in Amazon Redshift but also with a long history in Microsoft SQL Server wherever it is deployed as well as key Amazon data platform technologies including Amazon Aurora, and Amazon Athena.

Throughout his career, John has learned how to get the most out of these platforms as well as the key pitfalls that should be avoided.

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