John Martin

Information & Communications Technology

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Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

Getting started with Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift is a fully managed data warehouse platform which allows us to concentrate on the high value activities around analysing our data assets. But, how do we get started using Amazon Redshift to effectively deliver insight to our colleagues and customers?

This training day will focus on giving you the knowledge needed to rapidly deploy Amazon Redshift, ingest data, and start performing analysis to deliver insight and value to your users. The agenda for the day is as follows.

- Introduction (what is Amazon Redshift & reference architectures).
- Deploying an Amazon Redshift cluster.
- Core database design concepts for Amazon Redshift.
- Loading data to Amazon Redshift.
- Querying data in Amazon Redshift.
- Operating Amazon Redshift (monitoring, optimisation, maintenance).

This training day is designed for those who understand the core concepts of data warehousing, cloud infrastructure, and limited to no experience of Amazon Redshift.

John Martin

Data Platform and Cloud specialist, Chartered IT Professional.

John is an experienced data platform professional having spent over a decade working with Several data and cloud platform technologies.

Currently specialising in Amazon Redshift but also with a long history in Microsoft SQL Server wherever it is deployed as well as key Amazon data platform technologies including Amazon Aurora, and Amazon Athena.

Throughout his career, John has learned how to get the most out of these platforms as well as the key pitfalls that should be avoided.

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