The North Star: Risk-driven security

In this session I'll show how to get ahead of the curve on security. I'll show our audience how to find risks and vulnerabilities in the code they write and the architectures they build.

I'll introduce risk-first threat modelling, using business risk as the north star to drive out the threats that really matter.

The end result? A clear understanding of your most important weaknesses and where to focus on next, and a model that you can take to anyone in the business to get buy-in, funding, and support for your risk-reduction efforts.

Threat modelling is quick, easy to pick up, and provides lasting security benefits for your team and your systems, and is practical to introduce at any point in the lifecycle of a system.

At the end of this session the audience will be equipped with a modern, flexible and simple method for finding and reducing security risks, connected to the business and easily explainable to other teams, and they'll know how they can get started.

Jonny Tyers

Pragmatic cloud security for tech businesses

Bristol, United Kingdom

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