Developing reactive microservices with Micronaut

Micronaut is a new framework for the JVM that supports Java, Groovy and Kotlin and is designed to build native cloud microservices. Micronaut is the new solution for developing microservices in Java and provides a server and HTTP client in addition to supporting reactive and non-blocking microservices by being based on Netty.

Some of the features and advantages Micronaut framework include cloud native ,small processes that can run in less than 10 MB of JVM heap memory and dependency injection with AOP.

In this talk I will make an introduction to Micronaut comparing with other market solutions like SpringBoot. We will see the main Micronaut feautures analyzing how less memory can consume and how much faster is its startup time compared to a similar SpringBoot app.

These could be the main talking points:

1. Introduction to Micronaut and the concept of reactive applications
2. Advangages of Micronaut comparing with SpringBoot
3. Best practices from Micronaut
4. Use cases and applications examples using Micronaut

Jose Manuel Ortega

Software engineer & Security Researcher

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