Managing and deploying bots with AWS Lex Plaftorm

In this talk I will review the process of creating a bot using the AWS Lex platform. AWS Lex integrates with Amazon ecosystem and It offers an easy way for creating bots that can be integrated with a variety of external services like Slack.

First, I will explain the possibilities that AWS provides for building conversational and chatbot interfaces.Then,we continue how develop your own chatbot with Lex and Slack platforms.Will the help of Serveless framework we can orchestate the operations that AWS required for managing and develoying the bot.

In this talk I will mention the advantages of AWS Lex platform and we will focus on the situations in which we can integrate with Slack chatbots. I will use AWS Lambda with python for the examples

These could be the main talking points:

1. Introducing AWS Lex platform
2. Explaining how chatbots work with Slack platform
3. AWS Lambda functions with serverless framework
4. Managing and deploying bots with serverless and python

Jose Manuel Ortega

Software engineer & Security Researcher

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