Monitoring and managing Containers using Open Source tools

The world is advancing towards accelerated deployments using DevOps and cloud native technologies. In architectures based on microservices, container monitoring and management become even more important as we need to scale our application.
In this talk, I will show how to monitor and manage docker containers to manage the status of your applications. We will review how to monitor for security events using open source solutions to build an actionable monitoring system for Docker and Kubernetes.

Through a web interface, tools such as cadvisor, portainer and rancher give us a global overview of the containers you are running as well as facilitate their management.

These could be the main points to discuss:

-Challenges in containers and architectures distributed from the point of view of monitoring and administration

-Most important metrics that we can use to measure container performance.

-Tools for monitoring and management of containers such as cadvisor, sysdig and portainer

-Rancher as a platform for the administration of Kubernetes

Jose Manuel Ortega

Software engineer & Security Researcher


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