Serverless vs Containers: Running code in the cloud

We call them generically “containers” and they are a very popular way to deploy microservices in your infraestructure. When when we say “serverless” we mean some cloud products that provide “Functions as a Service. In this talk we will review the relation and differences between these technologies.

From the Containers point of view the deploying of applications provides better control over the time and place where developer can deploy the code. From the serverless point of view this control is delegated to cloud services like Google Cloud Functions and Aws Lambda. With some examples we will review the differences between these 2 approaches.

These could be the main points of the talk:

1.Introduction to container and serverless technologies

2.Examples of code running with these technologies

3.Pros and cons of each one

4.Uses cases comparing where one option is better than the other

Jose Manuel Ortega

Software engineer & Security Researcher

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