Choose Your Own Adventure: Lessons Learned from an Unusual Journey

A pro-adventure mindset can lead to exciting opportunities in both your personal and professional life. Join me as I share my unusual story of taking a leap of faith and embarking on a year-long RV adventure across the USA.

During my journey, I learned how having a pro-adventure mindset is essential for unlocking new opportunities and taking risks that can lead to both personal and professional growth. I'll show you how my own outside-the-box thinking led to my incredible experience of traveling to all 48 states while living in an RV and working remotely, plus how it changed my personal and professional trajectory.

By hearing my story, I hope you'll be inspired to see your own career and life path in a different light, and be encouraged to step out of your comfort zone to discover your own adventure. Don't miss this chance to learn about how embracing a pro-adventure mindset can help you achieve your wildest dreams!

Jonathan "J." Tower

Partner & Principal Consultant, Trailhead Technology Partners

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States


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