Cloud-Native Architecture for .NET Developers

If you're a .NET Developer, you're probably used to building applications with technologies like ASP.NET, Entity Framework, SQL Server, IIS, and other related ones. But, the cloud is quickly changing the way application are built, and allowing us to write software that is much more performant and scalable than ever before. Will those skills translate to this new world?

Come learn how to apply your existing C#, .NET, and relational database knowledge to the world of cloud-native application development. We'll look at an overview of the technologies that are likely to change the way we develop applications in the future--things like static sites generation, the JAMStack, serverless applications with Azure Functions, and cloud-scale databases with SQL Azure and CosmosDB.

If you're a .NET Developer, you don't have to be afraid of the cloud's impact on your future. I'll show you how you're already set up for success in the cloud.

Jonathan "J." Tower

Partner & Principal Consultant, Trailhead Technology Partners

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States


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