A Practical Guide to implementing DevOps pipelines with IaC for your Serverless Apps

This talk will explore the use of DevOps, Infrastructure as Code, and open source to achieve agility and automation when building serverless-based solutions. Combining DevOps and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) can lead to increased agility in your development and deployment processes. It allows you to create a highly agile and collaborative team capable of performing changes quickly.

Such an approach helps teams respond rapidly to changing requirements and market demands. As developers are tired of manually building, provisioning, and configuring serverless applications, I'll help them understand how to achieve optimal automation for their serverless-based projects.

Developers will learn how to implement a CI/CD pipeline with GitHub Actions, Terraform, and Maven to build and deploy a serverless application with an open-source Java framework and an Oracle database.

Juarez Junior

Software Engineering, Solutions Architecture, Developer Relations

Dublin, Ireland


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