Juarez Junior

Information & Communications Technology

Java DevRel OracleDatabase OracleCloud Blockchain Microservices

Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

Blocktoberfest @ Oracle Canary Wharf - London, UK - 2018

BlockChain – A Game Changer! Oracle’s 1st Blocktoberfest event, where you can understand how Blockchain has the potential to fundamentally transform the way we conduct global business followed by an Authentic German Oktoberfest experience in Canary Wharf.


Juarez Junior

Senior Prinicipal #Java Developer Evangelist @Oracle 🥑


I’m Juarez Junior - Senior Prinicipal #Java Developer Evangelist @Oracle 🥑.

Previously, an Azure Developer Relations Lead at Microsoft, Principal Developer Advocate - Blockchain at Oracle, and a Thought Leader and Technical Evangelist at IBM.

My current interests are: #Java #Blockchain #Rust #OracleDatabase #OracleCloud #Microservices #DevOps

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