Introduction to Kubernetes Operators for Databases

Are you tired of manually provisioning, configuring, and handling the lifecycle of your databases deployed in or off the Kubernetes cluster? What does it take to make a database operatable by Kubernetes?

A Database Operator for Kubernetes helps developers, DBAs, DevOps, and GitOps teams reduce the time and complexity of deploying and managing Databases. It allows you to manage database lifecycles and dynamically perform database operations such as provisioning, cloning, and more through Kubernetes, freeing users to focus more on their applications and less on the infrastructure. It also eliminates the human operator or administrator's dependency on such operations.

This session illustrates how to use a Kubernetes Operator to automate the management of databases and how to use DevOps CI/CD pipelines to support automation.

Learn how to make your database observable by Kubernetes as a critical DevOps requirement concerning 21st-century architectures and also eliminate a dependency on administrators' manual interventions on Cloud-native database deployments.

Juarez Junior

Software Engineering, Solutions Architecture, Developer Relations

Dublin, Ireland


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