Multi-cloud App Dev for Developers with Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Organizations frequently have to address business requirements that result in multi-cloud environments. Understand the benefits of a multi-cloud approach with MSFT Azure and Oracle OCI, and learn how to implement it.
Devs familiar with Azure can deploy Oracle DBs from the Azure Portal and use ODSA’s automated cross-cloud network provisioning and identity federation with a single pane of glass for observability.

Learn how to implement multi-cloud applications with Azure and Oracle OCI. Learn about multi-cloud with Azure App Service, Spring Apps, Azure Functions, Container Apps, Kubernetes Service, Azure Red Hat OpenShift, and Azure Container Instances.

All examples with the Azure services connect to an Oracle Autonomous Database instance running on the OCI - Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Everything in a single talk!

Juarez Junior

Software Engineering, Solutions Architecture, Developer Relations

Dublin, Ireland


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