Sealing the Gaps: A Deep Dive into JavaScript Memory Leak Detection

Memory leaks or high memory consumption are the number one reason for crashing browser sessions. However, analyzing the memory consumption of JavaScript applications and identifying memory leaks are one of the most difficult tasks to perform, even as a dedicated performance engineer. It requires a deep understanding of the language, specific tooling and sometimes even of the underlying application and its various states as well.

With this talk I want to invite you to a deep dive into the memory analysis of javaScript applications. I will point out the theoretical concepts of javaScripts memory consumption, the garbage collection process, the memory heap and memory leak identification.

Based on comprehensive demo applications I will walk you through a methodical approach on how to identify and fix memory leaks while showcasing the latest available developer tools.

Julian Jandl

webperf enthusiast - Lead Performance Engineer, Trainer & Consultant at

Vienna, Austria


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