Virtual Scrolling Unveiled: High Performance Lists in Angular

In this talk, I’ll take you on a journey through the fascinating landscape of virtual scrolling in Angular, a powerful technique that can greatly improve the performance and user experience of your web applications. We will shed light on the general concept of virtual scrolling, compare different approaches and implementations in the Angular universe.

As we focus on performance benefits and use cases where this technique truly shines, we'll also dive into important topics such as anchor scrolling, DOM recycling, and tombstone rendering. We will explore their roles in creating highly optimized and efficient virtual scrolling solutions and compare different approaches. Moreover, we'll discuss the challenges faced when implementing virtual scrolling in Angular and share valuable insights on overcoming these hurdles.

To top it all off, I will provide a live demo showcasing a particular implementation, giving you a clear understanding of how to apply these concepts in your own projects. This talk is designed to spark your curiosity and expand your JavaScript & Angular knowledge, making it the perfect opportunity for developers looking to enhance their skill set and create cutting-edge web applications.

Julian Jandl

webperf enthusiast - Lead Performance Engineer, Trainer & Consultant at

Vienna, Austria


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