Apache Pulsar: Finally an Alternative to Kafka?

Today, when you think about building event-driven and real-time applications, the words that come to you spontaneously are probably: RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, or Kafka. These are the solutions that dominate this landscape. But have you ever heard of Apache Pulsar?

After a brief presentation of the fundamental concepts of messaging, you'll discover the Apache Pulsar features that enable you to build amazing event-driven applications.
You'll learn the following:
- how Apache Pulsar architecture differs from other brokers
- how it enables scaling processing power & data independently, quickly, and with no hassle
- how it guarantees high durability of messages across nodes and different data centers
- how it covers the use cases of both RabbitMQ & Kafka while involving a single broker
- how to integrate Pulsar with your existing application portfolio
- and more

Julien Jakubowski

Developer Advocate @StreamNative

Lille, France


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