Hands-on event-sourcing sorcery

Event sourcing consists of storing data changes history as a sequence of events. This sequence can then be replayed to rebuild the current state of the data.

This pattern brings several benefits, which we will discover in this session.

But it also comes with challenges. For example: how to scale? How to store event history for a long time and at a reasonable cost? How do we address these challenges when our existing apps are based on Apache Kafka?

In this talk, we will start with a recap of the fundamental principles of event sourcing.

Then we will have an overview of the challenges with implementing event-sourcing with Apache Kafka, and how Apache Pulsar helps overcome some of these challenges.

Throughout this talk, we will not only discuss theory but also engage in practical application. We will practice event-sourcing witchcraft with Pulsar and Java to assist a thriving magic potion business in scaling its operations!

Julien Jakubowski

Developer Advocate @StreamNative

Lille, France


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