Power BI: From Self-Service to Enterprise

Power BI started out as a set of Self-Service BI tools in Excel before the merging into Power BI Desktop a couple of years ago. At the same time Power BI has evolved into a grownup scalable Enterprise BI platform. But how do you master to grow a solution from self-service to something that is scalable, managed and governed? A solution that can be trusted and used in the whole enterprise! Basically promoting a quickly made proof-of-concept project - but without redoing the whole thing.

In this demo heavy session we will take a look at the different steps you have to master, so you can make a successful ownership transfer of the different component in your Power BI solution. It be the data mashup, data modelling, report creation and report distribution. We will start with one Power BI Desktop file containing it all and end with a solution that is split up in Dataflows, Tabular model, Reports and Apps. Using the fact that Power BI eventually came out of a set of different tools and technologies. We will end up looking at different ways to certify and brand the datasets, reports and apps. So your users can distingues what is still self-service and what is enterprise.

Just Blindbæk

Microsoft BI consultant, trainer, speaker and MVP

Århus, Denmark

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