Kai Gartner

Information & Communications Technology

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Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

Polar Atlas Cloud Engine - Low Code & No Code Development

By accident I have build a cloud engine where we save at least 30% on time off development. We use MongoDB for a a new standard where we only have code data in the DB and our engine is doing the rest. Launch your application in minutes and start developing on your low-code logic.

Ready for your design? Build in no-time stunning designs with the No-Code builders that are all around.

Kai Gartner

For any problem there is a solution, creating wonders between offline and online.

I have built by accident a cloud engine that helps me fit all my needs. As a developer you can be frustrated by all other side things you need to do to become up and running.

Since young I had a interested in technology and I have started several concepts in 14 years. Worked as a solution architect, streaming engineer and full time entrepreneur.

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