Grab Your Coffee on Us & Discover AI Insights for Business Central!

Spot an app within Business Central's ecosystem that rivals our AI Financial Intelligence App's capabilities, and your next coffee is on us!

Imagine having a tool that serves as your personal financial guru, always on standby to provide instant insights. This tool not only swiftly crafts P&L statements, but also boasts a suite of impressive features designed to save you a wealth of time on routine financial tasks. Intrigued?

Join this session with Data Courage, your go-to experts in AI for Dynamics 365, and explore how you can deliver more results for your clients. Learn how embedding AI-driven insights into your offerings can help you stand out from the field, and scale up your value.

Our Financial Intelligence App is just the start:

Check out our AI Customer Intelligence App. It's like having insider info on what your customers are going to do next, helping you stay one step ahead.

Then there's our AI Item Intelligence App. Get to know your products inside out and use that knowledge to beat the competition.

This session is more than just a product showcase; it's a deep dive into the newest innovations we've made in AI for Business Applications.

During the session, we will demonstrate the limitless applications of AI in Dynamics 365 and highlight the value of partnering with Data Courage to help your customers modernize their business.

Don’t miss your chance to lead ahead of the curve!

Kamil Karbowiak

MD at Data Courage, Data Science Enthusiast.

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