ADF Deployments with Azure DevOps

Azure Data Factory is a great orchestration tool in the cloud, is mature and for a while now with us.
Authoring the pipelines and other objects as a developer via browser (v2), working appropriately with branches, debug mode and understanding an integration with Git repo might be a bit tricky.
If you add to this, the need for deployment to different environments, adf_publish branch and why actually two methods of deployment exist - these things can be overwhelming.
Learn the best ways of working with ADF, scripts and tools for deployment and differences between them. See, how to automatically (not via UI) generate/export arm template files and use them in further steps in Azure DevOps, if you prefer using this way.

Kamil Nowinski

Blogger, Speaker, Microsoft Data Platform MVP. Group Manager & Analytics Architect. MCSE Data Management and Analytics

London, United Kingdom

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