Azure DevOps from the field

In the past Azure DevOps (or VSTS actually) was not that great tool when it comes to managing projects, collaboration,
not mentioning area of deployment. In result many people had to complement it with tools like TeamCity, Octopus, etc.
This changed.
For many years, Azure DevOps is very mature, versatile and enough for most Azure projects.
During this workshop, I want to share my practical experience from the field, from practical projects across several customers I worked with.
We will go through the portal from A to Z, learning purpose of each module: Overview, dashboard, Wiki, Boards (features, user stories, tasks, sprints).
I will explain how to start working in organisation, what's the scope of organisation, project, Teams and (what's even more important) how to organise code in GIT repository, when building data platform (as an example), splitting code and pipelines into Infra and App pieces.
I will touch topics like ARM Template, BICEP, Terraform, explain CI/CD and show how to prepare build and release pipelines.
We will see the most popular tasks and approaches to achieve a goal with minimal efforts having some templates and working examples.

Kamil Nowinski

Blogger, Speaker, Microsoft Data Platform MVP. Group Manager & Analytics Architect. MCSE Data Management and Analytics

London, United Kingdom

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