Workshop: Accessibility of Forms

Forms are the #1 method for users to interact on a website - with the site owner or with each other. Forms are how content is created and how visitors convert to customers. By volume, issues with forms outnumber all other issue types. During this full-day workshop attendees will learn the numerous challenges that people with disabilities have when using forms and how to design and develop more accessible forms. During a highly interactive and collaborative hands-on workshop, attendees will go through the process of planning, designing, and developing a form. Throughout several breakout sessions, attendees will collaborate on tasks that include:

Planning the form Choosing the proper fields Design and layout of the form Accepting and processing input Error prevention Validation Along the way the attendees will be creating their own form and testing their form for usability and accessibility.

Karl Groves

Focused on actively fixing accessibility

Washington, Washington, D.C., United States


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