Workshop: Deep Dive into WAI-ARIA

WAI-ARIA is a technical specification published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) that specifies how to disclose Web object properties to assistive technologies. The use of WAI-ARIA increases the accessibility of web pages and user interface components developed with Ajax, HTML, JavaScript, and related technologies.

During this workshop-style training, we will discuss the following topics:

* Introduction to ARIA
* ARIA History
* Understanding the roles and interplay between ARIA and Assistive Technologies
* Deep dive into requirements for and development of custom controls

During the last section in the list above, we'll go through several types of common custom controls found on the web and dissect each one with a goal for understanding the design and behavior requirements for each type of control including how to manage name, state, role, and value information using ARIA. The controls we will cover are:

* Buttons
* Multistate Checkboxes
* Sliders
* Dialogs
* Sortable Tables
* Application Menus
* Carousels
* and more!

Karl Groves

Focused on actively fixing accessibility

Washington, Washington, D.C., United States


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