Kenlyn Terai

Seattle, Washington, United States

Networking with Passion and Purpose

You get to an event filled with people you would like to speak with. You'd like to hear their thoughts and maybe even arrange a coffee meeting. The only problem is, you've never met any of these people before and you're terrified of making an awkward first impression.

Never fear! There are ways you can make your next networking event not only worth your time but more valuable to all. This talk will help you discover ways to connect authentically, make a great impression, and build meaningful relationships to advance personally and professionally.

Kenlyn Terai

Engineer, Product strategist, dream career trainer at Flatiron School

Kenlyn has developed new products or improved existing ones as a Medical Device Global Product Manager, a Product consultant, and an entrepreneur. After being introduced to web development while building her company’s website, she decided to pursue a career in Technology by becoming a software engineer. Now she's helping others learn about a wide range of web technologies at Flatiron School, including Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React, and Redux.

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