Azure Data Lakes and Delta Lakes

The data is coming, and it's coming fast! You've figured out how to receive the data, so now it's time to understand what to do with it. You need to define an architecture that can scale quickly, process high volumes of data, and organize the data for reporting as part of a Modern Data Warehouse. Whether it's gigabytes or petabytes, the foundation of this design pattern on Azure begins with Azure Data Lake Storage. In this session, we'll explore how to create and manage data at scale. We'll examine creating data lakes, the zone and medallion patterns, and when and how to use Delta Lakes to improve the experience.

In this 100/200 level talk, participants will learn:
- A basic understanding of data lakes and how NoSQL data is organized
- Data organization and partitioning with the Zone and Medallion patterns
- What is a Delta Lake, and when and why to utilize that technology

Ken Muse

Senior DevOps Architect, GitHub

Atlanta, Georgia, United States


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