Azure Front Door Crash Course

Do you have a web application on Azure that your users rely on always being available and low-latency? Do you need your application to automatically cache selected content, support automatic compression, or enable path-based routing? Are you trying to figure out how to best configure a Web Application Firewall or DDoS protection? Perhaps it's time to look at Azure Front Door.

Azure Front Door provides a unified, modern edge-based solution for these services. All of those features can make the system a bit overwhelming. In this session, you will learn how Azure Front Door supports these scenarios (and many others) and walk through the process of implementing Azure Front Door for a web application.

In this level 100 session, you will learn:
- A foundational knowledge of Azure Front Door, the problems it solves, and how it compares to other services
- How messages flow through Front Door to origins and how to configure those processes
- How to implement Front Door for a common use case: onboarding a domain, adding an SSL cert, and associating it with a redundant Azure App Service

Ken Muse

Senior DevOps Architect, GitHub

Atlanta, Georgia, United States


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