Cosmos DB For SQL Server Developers

You’re a SQL Developer. It has a SQL API. Sounds like the perfect match … or is it? A globally available, low-latency, multi-model database offers a unique set of new features for creating flexible, scalable solutions.

In this crash course, you’ll learn how to transition your SQL skills to Cosmos DB. You'll learn the basics of Cosmos DB and how it compares to SQL Server. You'll also gain an understanding of the partitioning system, understand the consistency models, and learn how to apply some of your skills in this new environment.

In this 100-level session, attendees will learn:
- How to transition their SQL Server skills to Cosmos DB
- Important differences when querying a No-SQL datastore using SQL
- How to design documents (tables), including effective use of partitions and indexes

Ken Muse

Senior DevOps Architect, GitHub

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

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