Kevin Bates

Open source, start your journey today!

Powershell has a big community on GitHub. there are many many cool open source projects. Like in many topics about Powershell, there is no defined right way on how to contribute to open source projects. In this session I will give 'my two cents' on how you can get in to open source coding, show you the basic process and a set of tools provided by the community which help you getting in to the open source world.

Kevin Bates

DevOps Engineer from Switzerland

I'm Kevin Bates. I'm a young DevOps engineer who uses Powershell in his day job in order to automate processes in a swiss based cloud environment. I have a few of my own projects published on Github and try contributing to others from time to time. I'm also a passionate (hobby-)musician. I love Jazz/Funk/Pop Music.

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