Klaus Bierschenk

Klaus Bierschenk

Director Consulting Expert @CGI Germany; Author; Speaker, Blogger

Executive Consultant @CGI Germany; Author; Speaker, Blogger

Murnau am Staffelsee, Germany


I work as a Technology Consultant with the Microsoft Identity- and Security Portfolio. I have been in the IT Industry for many years and support customers and enterprise environments focused on hybrid setups and Azure/M365 Technology
From time to time I share my knowledge as a speaker in the community. I also write articles in the German Press und you can find me blogging at "nothingbutcloud.net".

Ich arbeite als Technology Berater mit dem Schwerpunkt auf Microsoft Identity- und Security Technologien. Dabei betreue ich Enterprise Kunden zu Fragestellungen rund um Active Directory, sowohl On-Premises als auch im Cloud Kontext von Azure und M365.
Wenn es meine Zeit erlaubt, teile ich meine Erfahrungen als Referent in der Community. Schreibe Artikel in der deutschen Presse und in meinem Blog, zu finden unter "nothingbutcloud.net".

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Zero-Trust Security
  • Azure Hybrid Identity
  • Azure Security
  • Azure (Public/Hybrid)
  • Azure
  • MS Entra ID
  • Microsoft Entra Privileged Identity Management
  • Entra ID
  • Microsoft Entra ID
  • Azure AD B2B


Do you still need SSPR in a passwordless era? en de

The significance of Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) remains high in an era increasingly shifting towards "passwordless" solutions. As passwords continue to be used, SSPR's importance is undiminished. The challenges of SSPR in MS Entra ID encompass:
- An overview of policies and their capabilities.
- Configuration in hybrid environments (on-premises).
- Integration of MS Entra ID SSPR into the Windows Computer login screen.
- Strengthening the service account that writes passwords back to the local AD DS (Entra Connect - AD DS Connector Account).
- Utilization of the Yubico Authenticator App as an SSPR method.
- Customization options available with the new "branding" features.
- Monitoring and insights for SSPR usage and effectiveness.

The session has a duration of about 60min. We talk at level-300.

Wie wichtig ist SSPR in einer passwortlosen Zeit noch? en de

Wie wichtig ist Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) in einer Zeit, in der es immer weniger Passwörter gibt und "passwortlos" immer wichtiger wird?
Solange es noch Passwörter gibt, dürfte es wohl sehr wichtig sein!
Wir schauen uns die Herausforderungen von SSPR in MS Entra ID mit folgenden Inhalten an:
- Überblick über die Richtlinien und deren Möglichkeiten
- Setup in hybrider Landschaften (On-Premises)
- Integration von SSPR in den Anmeldebildschirm von Windows Computer
- Härtung des Service Accounts, der die Passwörter gegen das lokale AD DS schreibt (Entra Connect - AD DS Connector Account)
- Yubico Authenticator App als SSPR Methode
- Anpassungsmöglichkeiten über die neue "Branding" Funktionen
- Monitoring und Überwachung

Level-300 Session mit einer Dauer von etwa 60 Minuten.

Playing together - Entra Synchronization- and Workflow Technologies en

Hybrid configurations are prevalent, and identity synchronization is a crucial mechanism within such setups. Identities are not merely transitioning from On-Premises to MS Entra ID; rather, Entra ID serves as a central hub where numerous functions and technologies come into play, such as:
- Entra Cloud Sync
- Lifecycle Workflows
- API / HR-Driven Provisioning, among others.
We will explore which tool fulfills specific requirements in your strategy. The presentation will focus on a model company to provide practical examples of how these technologies are configured.

Preferred duration is 50-60min.

Some content originated from my presentation at the Cloud Summit in April 2024. This presentation is recent and extends on that content, reflecting Microsoft's current expansion in Sync-related topics.

European Cloud Summit

I am presenting "Identities everywhere. A challenge for user management and workflows"

May 2024 Wiesbaden, Germany

secIT by Heise

Zero Trust Identity - Top 5 MS Entra ID Features aus der Praxis für Admins

March 2024 Hannover, Germany

Azure AMA Ask me anything

Azure Meetup Bonn

September 2022

Azure AMA - Azure AD Connect und Cloud Sync

Azure Meetup Bonn

July 2022

Azure Meetup in Stuttgart

Zero trust identity - minor but powerful functionalities in Azure AD

February 2022

Cloud Identity Summit '21 Sessionize Event

September 2021

Cloud Identity Summit 2021

Error-free with hybrid synchronization

September 2021

Azure Meetup Bonn

Synchronisation – Schaltzentrale einer hybriden Infrastruktur

June 2021

Cloud Identity Summit 2020

Synchronization - Backbone of a hybrid setup

October 2020

Klaus Bierschenk

Director Consulting Expert @CGI Germany; Author; Speaker, Blogger

Murnau am Staffelsee, Germany


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