T-SQL Best Practices and Tuning for the BI Developer

When building a data warehouse in the Microsoft Data Platform stack, you typically have to write a fair share of T-SQL. Loading data into the data warehouse, transforming it into the desired format, troubleshooting and debugging, writing source queries for reports; all of those task require some T-SQL and preferably it's fast as well.
In this session, we'll go over some T-SQL best practices from the viewpoint of the BI developer. We'll also cover indexing for the data warehouse and how you can make that SSRS report a bit faster. At the end, you'll walk out with solid knowledge on how to improve your T-SQL skills and deliver results faster. Basic knowledge of T-SQL and SQL Server is assumed.

Koen Verbeeck

Senior Consultant @ AE - Data Platform MVP

Rotselaar, Belgium

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